Welcome to the Active Balance Physiotherapy Community,

Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio is now open for In-Person appointments. Please email info@activebalancephysio.com to be put on the waitlist for an appointment in the next few weeks.

We will be also offering Online Video Physiotherapy Appointments (Telehealth) if that works best for you. This is necessary if you have any signs of illness or a cold, or if you have any risk factors for COVID 19 (respiratory conditions or age or other health conditions).

Either way, Physiotherapy treatment allows you to keep your health a top priority by maintaining your active living goals. We can help you with strategies to relieve your pain and develop a plan to keep you pain-free.

I am so grateful that our community worked together to flatten the curve and I am committed to your health and the best interest of the community to continue keeping us safe. The studio will look a little bit different; I have implemented new procedures for hand and equipment sanitization, for physical distancing, for PPE (wearing masks) when we can't be 2 m apart, and for screening clients and staff for symptoms of respiratory illness and COVID 19.

Please follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay connected. If you have any questions, please email me at info@activebalancephysio.com

"I am determined to keep you doing the things you love to do your whole life and I am optimistic this challenging time will pass. Even during a global pandemic, I love offering ways to support your continued wellness. Stay healthy and stay connected!"

Shelley Dumais, Registered Physiotherapist


Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio will inspire you with an active approach to your rehabilitation. A hands-on approach promotes, maintains, and restores movement and function for those who are affected by injury, illness, disability, or abnormal development.

What our clients say

"Wow... I can't imagine a more inspiring environment to showcase Shelley's talent & expertise! Love the new space, when can I book my next appointment?" - Kelly Tomer

Are you...

... a recreational or elite athlete, a person with arthritis, osteoporosis or balance difficulties, a person who is preparing for surgery or is recovering from surgery?

Do you have pain?

When you sit at a desk, when you use your computer, when you garden, when you push it too hard at a fitness class, when you run, when you drive, when you stand at a party, or when you carry your groceries in from the car?

Who do we treat?

Real people with real bodies. Just like you.