Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio will inspire you with an active approach to your rehabilitation. A hands-on approach promotes, maintains, and restores movement and function for those who are affected by injury, illness, disability, or abnormal development.

What our clients say

"Wow... I can't imagine a more inspiring environment to showcase Shelley's talent & expertise! Love the new space, when can I book my next appointment?" - Kelly Tomer

Are you...

... a recreational or elite athlete, a person with arthritis, osteoporosis or balance difficulties, a person who is preparing for surgery or is recovering from surgery?

Do you have pain?

When you sit at a desk, when you use your computer, when you garden, when you push it too hard at a fitness class, when you run, when you drive, when you stand at a party, or when you carry your groceries in from the car?

Who do we treat?

Real people with real bodies. Just like you.