The Studio

At Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio you will experience a rural based Physiotherapy practice with a professional, healthy, holistic, healing and energetic atmosphere.

What our clients say

"...a beautiful, professional, healing place. The building itself is beautiful and the space within is open, fresh and clean, you really feel like you can breathe. Your clients are going to benefit enormously from this new venue." - Kathy Scott

Our Mission

At Active Balance Physiotherapy Studio we provide the high standard of treatment and training necessary to support our clients' recovery and success.

"I enjoy using my hands to make people move better and thus feel better. I take pleasure in providing them with the tools they need to achieve the goals they set for themselves. My clients are inspirational to me as they are active and motivated to stay that way lifelong."
- Shelley Dumais, Physiotherapist

Our Purpose

Working hard to keep you doing the things you like to do your whole life!